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Resolution, defined as the number of megapixels, is important but generally overrated as a index of merit of a digital camera

Resolution affects the size of prints that can be made, but the size of prints that can be made by a given megapixel size is a matter of wide discussion and disagreement

Some traditionalists insist on 300 dpi (dots, or pixels, per inch) for high quality printing

My opinion: it is very hard to distinguish prints made between 200 and 300 dpi

At 3000 pixels width, 300 dpi corresponds to 10 inches, 200 dpi to 15 inches

Many push to lower dpi for printing, to 150 dpi and lower, claiming good results

Cropping decreases pixel dimensions, an important factor for telephoto shooters

 Pluses and Minuses of Digital SLRs            © Robert Harrington 2004