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Shooting modes

Digital SLRs are operated pretty much the same as 35mm SLRs, in aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, etc.

Everything you know about optics and lenses still applies (but take into account the "focal length multiplier")


It is said by some that DSLRs "require better glass" (I cannot confirm this from personal experience except to say that I notice significant differences among the few lenses with which I have experience.)

SLRs have many additional controls, including

  • Output format (RAW, TIFF, or JPEG)
  • Resolution
  • JPEG quality (compression depth)
  • Color or black & white
  • Color quality and color space
  • White balance
  • Sharpening (in-camera sharpening is best turned off)
  • ISO


 Pluses and Minuses of Digital SLRs            © Robert Harrington 2004