Highlights of Dudley, Nell, Bo and Jo
The Harrington Barn Owl Box
January - June, 2018
Dudley & Nell Bo Jo
Dudley & Nell Bo Jo

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Date Event
Jan 2 The beginning
Jan 6 Family tiff
Jan 23 Eating in
Feb 16 First egg
Feb 17 Two eggs
Feb 23 Three eggs
Mar 6 Dudley delivers
Mar 21 First hatchling
Mar 26 Chicks moving around
Mar 29 Bo moves around
Apr 2 Sharing a snack
Apr 3 Live mouse (probably for training)
Apr 7 Dudley delivers
Apr 9 Mom takes a break
Apr 14 Dudley delivers and Mom takes another break
Apr 16 Gopher still kicking
Apr 17 Bo at 27 days
Apr 21 Jo eats on her own
Apr 22 Bo feeds herself
Apr 24 Mom comes home after a day off
Apr 29 Eat your dinner!
May 5 Live prey (see esp. 3rd video)
May 5 Almost adult size
May 10 Bo close-up
May 18 Bo ventures out
May 19 Young getting agressive
May 29 Feeding outside
Jun 5 Jo outside in daylight
Jun 17 Twelve weeks
Jun 22 Thirteen weeks